Choice Advisor CHOICE ADVISOR is a flexible, low-cost Advisor driven platform which allows virtually any investment product to be purchased including stocks, bonds, options, and mutual funds. Securities that are not available for purchase include variable and fixed annuities, foreign securities, alternative securities and non-marketable securities. There are multiple account types and depending on the particular relationship there's one that will work best for yours. You or your Client can be charged per trade in the "Transaction Based" account type, or all-inclusive with an unlimited number of trades in the "Asset Based" account type. Client accounts are opened through one of our many approved custodians and allow you flexibility with respect to setting the fee schedule. ...Learn more
Choice UMA CHOICE UMA is a Unified Managed Account (UMA) program that provides a streamlined path to using one or more CHOICE programs in one core account. A UMA creates multiple layers of diversification by allocating assets by program and not just asset type. Opening one core account may substantially reduce account opening paperwork. The sophistication and potential layers of diversification make this a very versatile and appealing program for advisors and clients alike. ...Learn more
Choice SMA CHOICE SMA is a low cost, sophisticated, "in-house" Separately Managed Account (SMA) program that provides your clients with direct access to many of the world's leading investment managers. An SMA gives clients direct ownership of the securities, allowing greater flexibility, more control and significant tax advantages over other investment vehicles. The money manager(s) are responsible for placing trades directly in the client's account(s). This platform is ideal for clients seeking a long-term, customized, goals-driven approach to investment planning. ...Learn more
Choice ETF CHOICE ETF is a professionally managed ETF-based investment program. Having investments allocated among several asset classes, investment styles and managers, diversifies the sources of return and helps the client benefit more consistently as market leaders change. Our ETF-based portfolios offer multiple sources of potential return and improve your client's risk-reward profile relative to less diversified approaches. The portfolio is monitored on an ongoing basis and adjusted to stay on track with your client's goals as the markets evolve. ...Learn more
Choice Fund CHOICE FUND is a professionally managed multi-strategy mutual fund investment program. It brings together in a single portfolio, multiple asset classes, investment strategies and fund managers, each with their own area of expertise. Each allocation is designed to manage risk and gain exposure to evolving opportunities through a diversified mix of asset classes, investment styles and managers. The portfolio is monitored on an ongoing basis and adjusted to stay on track with your client's goals as the markets evolve. ...Learn more
Choice UMH TAMP Kovack Advisors, Inc. has partnered with Wealthcare Capital Management, LLC, to bring you Choice UMH, a Unified Managed Household (UMH) program that offers the ultimate in investment choice combined with value-added household-based rebalancing and tax location services. ...Learn more
Choice 401k Vestwell TAMP The 401(k) Choice Platform is a partnership between Vestwell and Kovack that provides a turnkey 401(k) platform for Kovack advisors to begin offering defined contribution solutions or convert existing plans. ...Learn more






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